ASUS Launches First Official USB 3.0 Motherboard


The USB Implementation Forum (USB-IF) certified the  ASUS P6X58D Premium as the first motherboard to officially support USB 3.0 technology.

As of January 5, 2010, The ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard went into the history books as the first motherboard to receive USB 3.0 certification, or SuperSpeed USB compliance. Compared to USB 2,0 technology motherboards, ASUS P6X58D Premium is able to transfer data up to 10 times faster. This is sure to come in handy when you need to transfer large files and rich media from today’s digital devices.

The ASUS P6X58D Premium also supports the soon to be released 32nm 6-Core CPU (Intel Gulftown i7-980X).

via i4u

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