Dust Vacuum Mouse Keeps Your Desk Clean


Play video games or clean your desk, what will it be? Now, thanks to the USB Dust Vacuum Mouse, you can do both at the same time.

A simple 800 dpi optical mouse, with a cleverly built-in miniature vacuum cleaner, the Dust Vacuum Mouse won’t blow your mind when it comes to performance, but it’s perfect for cleanliness freaks who can’t stand dust on their desks.

The 100 grams-heavy USB mouse features a dust-bin at its back end, but it’s very small and you have to empty it pretty often, unless you want it to burst in your face. It’s not the world’s greatest gaming mouse, but I think it’s worth $12.69.

via Uxsight

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  1. Melvin Brunt says:

    Its good to see some good people keeping their site up, one of my other favorite sites quit working the other day for no appearant reason