Fujifilm and IBM Invent the Mother of All Magnetic Tapes


Fujifilm and IBM announced their collaborative effort lead to the creation of a magnetic tape able to store 35 TB.

A single roll of magnetic tape is 800 meters long by 0ne-half-inch wide and has a density of 29.5 billion bits per square inch. The two companies stated their magic tape is able to store 35 million books, the equivalent of 248 miles (399 km) of bookshelves. If 35 TB of data doesn’t sound that impressive, you should know it’s 44 times as much as previously possible.

The magnetic tape created by Fujifilm and IBM is based on a barium ferrite material able to reduce the number of particles and still maintain a high magnetism. The two tech giants announced they will be commercializing their wonder product in the near future, and it will be particularly aimed at data centers.

via CrunchGear

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