Massage-Me Game Controller Makes Everyone Happy


The Massage-Me video-game controller allows you to play your favorite video-games while pleasing your significant other.

How many times did you get into trouble with your partner because you spent too much time gaming and too little caressing and cuddling? Too many times my friend, but thanks the the Massage-Me controller you can put all that behind you. The Massage-Me harness goes around the “massagee” and translates your button-mashing madness into a relaxing massage.

Basically, while you try to beat the game, you massage your better half just by pushing the required buttons. Right now the Massage-Me controller is only compatible with hacked PS3 controllers, but soon it will work with any other controller.

Producers say that beat’em-ups and other genres that require button-mashing provide the best massages.

More photos of the Massage-Me controller after the jump.



via Gizmodo

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