Mitsubishi’s Giant OLED TV


Mitsubishi first showcased their OLED displays at CETEC Japan 2009. Now they’re back with an even more impressive OLED screen.

Unlike their first effort, made up of 10x10cm square units, the new Mitsubishi OLED screen has a diagonal of 149 cm, or 6.2 meters, larger than any other OLED display on the market. It has no edges, so it can be easily be combined with other OLED devices, to produce giant screens of virtually any size and shape.

Mitsubishi’s 149-inch OLED display has a maximum resolution 1088×640 pixels, at 3 mm pixel pitch. The images are clear, crisp and viewable at very close range. The light input is 1500cd/m² makes it several times brighter than a common LCD displays and can be used in indoor or brightly lit outdoor environments.

via techchee

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