OWLE Video Rig Improves iPhone Video Quality


The Apple iPhone isn’t exactly known for its outstanding video-camera, so it’s no wonder people are trying to come up with ways to improve on that. Here’s what ThinkGeek has for you:

The Owle Video Rig uses anodized billet aluminum, a mini boom-mic and a wide angle lens to make you feel like a professional film maker. All you have to do is nestle your iPhone inside the metal and silicone case of the OWLE and you’re set to become the next James Cameron.

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  • Anodized aluminum case improves iPhone camera with upgraded lens and boom mic
  • Improves video or still shots
  • Works with iPhone 3G or 3GS (However 3G requires additional app to shoot video and the quality is poor)
  • iPhone fits inside included silicone case, then mounts inside the aluminum housing for full protection
  • Constructed from a solid block of milled aluminum
  • Shoe mount on top allows you to add camera accessories (flash will not work, since there is no way to sync it to the iPhone camera shutter)
  • Four screw mounts on the corners of the case enable you to mount to a tripod
  • Comes standard with 37mm lens threading, as well as a 0.45x Wide angle/macro combination lens
  • Add any other lenses with a 37mm mount




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