Peregrine Gaming Glove Comes in Handy


Prepare to experience video-games on a whole new level, thanks to the awesome gaming glove from Peregrine.

As you probably know, gaming is all about kicking your opponent’s ass and nothing makes that easier than feeling as comfortable as possible with your pain-inflicting tools (keyboard+mouse). The guys at Peregrine thought to bring gaming to your fingertips, literally.

Simply by wearing the peregrine gaming glove and touching your thumb with your fingertips, you’re able to control what happens in the game. Thanks to some easy to install software, you can replace that boring old keyboard with the gaming glove and create over 30 key-combinations. It’s really as easy as snapping your fingers, and professional gamers who tested it say Peregrine’s gaming glove makes all the difference. Plus, it’s washable.

Those of you interested in owning a Peregrine gaming glove better pre-order now and you’ll be wearing it by the end of January. The price is $129.99




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