RCA Airnergy Recharges Gadgets with WIFI Energy


One of the most useful gadgets unveiled at CES 2010, the RCA Airnergy turns WIFI signals into energy and recharges your gadgets.

Wireless charging kits and PowerMats are definitely useful, but the RCA Airnergy makes them all look outdated. This simple-looking device practically produces power out of thin air, by harvesting WIFI signals and converting them into energy. Sure, it’s been done before, but the RCA Airnergy actually makes the technology usable.

The Airnergy features a rechargeable battery, so as long as your near a WIFI signal, it recharges itself, while you mind your own business. Then all you have to do is connect to your desired gadget and it starts pumping power. Proximity to the WIFI signal and the number of signals affect the charging speed.

The RCA Airnergy will be released this summer, for a price of just $40. Awesome and cheap technology, what more can you ask for?

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via OhGizmo

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