Samsung Unveiled 3 Brand New Shark Phones


Samsung has just unveiled its 3 brand new Shark mobile phones, S5350, S5550 and S3550.

The first “Shark”, S5350, features 3MP camera (with video recording) , GTalk , Facebook , Twitter , AIM , Parlingo (chat services ) and it has an asymmetric design and a curved line for a better grip.

The second “Shark”, S5550, features 5MP camera with AMOLED display, 110MB of internal memory and support for microSD card for up to 8 GB memory cards. The applications are mostly the same with the first “shark”.

The third “Shark”, S3550, features 2MP camera module, 40 MB of internal memory and support for microSD card up to 8GB and Facebook, Twitter, AIM, GTalk  and so on are still available.

The details about the pricing are expected to come soon.

See photos of the Shark phones after the jump

Samsung Shark S5350


Samsung Shark S5550


Samsung Shark S3550


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