Sanyo Announces 1080p, 14.4 MP XACTI Camcorder


Japanese tech giant Sanyo has announced another model of their now famous XACTI camcorders, the CG 110.

Maintaining the same comfortable, pistol-grip shape Sanyo camcorders have become famous for, the XACTI CG 110 also comes with pretty kick-ass features. This cool-looking video-recording device is capable of 1080p, 60 fps video-clips as well as 14.4 megapixel still shots. Onboard memory is a decent 16 Gb, but thanks to the SD card slot, you can add up to 64 GB extra memory.

Other cool features of the Sanyo XACTI CG 1010 include 5x optical zoom, a stereo speaker, flash, digital image stabilization and face detection. According to the official announcement, you’ll get up to an hour of full HD filming or about 190 shots, on a single battery charge.

The new XACTI CG 110 camcorder will be launched this April, in Japan. No word yet on the price.

via SlashGear

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