Sony Transfer Jet Memory Stick Launched in Japan


Sony first talked about Transfer Jet, the technology that’s supposed to make Bluetooth look slow and boring, back in 2008 and they included it in their speech at CES 2010.

Sony’s revolutionary data transfer technology will allow users of two compatible devices to share files when they are held close together, touching each other if possible. I know, so far it doesn’t sound like a breakthrough, but the Japanese giant says Transfer Jet is 187 times faster than Bluetooth.

While the now common Bluetooth allows file transfer at a speed of up to 3 Mb, Transfer Jet devices share data at a speed of 560 Mb. Sony has just launched an 8 Gb Transfer Jet Memory Stick, in Japan, and 16 Gb and 32 Gb versions will follow shortly. Though many people claim Transfer Jet is unnecessary at this point, the ever-increasing size of media files these days is sure to put Sony’s technology to good use.

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