V2 Chargepod Charges All Your Gadgets at Once


Callpod thought to come to the aid of all those frequent travelers who simply don’t have the time to charge every little gadget, and invented the V2 Chargepod.

The Callpod V2 Chargepod provides the juice for every gadget you can think of, from mobile phones, to notebooks, DVD players and any other power hungry devices. Sounds like a dream, but its price-tag will make you think twice before buying one.

Callpod announced the V2 Chargepod will soon be available for a price of $200. Now, those who truly need it, will fork out that amount, but I bet the rest will wait for a serious price-cut. especially since you’ll need to acquire some cable tips for your devices, each costing $10.

via GadgetLab

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