Bamboo Keyboards and Mice Grow Popular in China


China has been looking for a more environment-friendly solution to replace the common plastic keyboards and mice. And it appears they’ve stopped at bamboo.

According to Jiangxi Bamboo Technology Develoopment Co. Ltd., China’s only bamboo keyboards and mice manufacturer, their products have really taken off lately, at a national level. Production of bamboo peripherals began in 2008, and so far the products were exported mainly to foreign markets, in America and Europe, where they’ve enjoyed great success.

But, at the beginning of 2009, franchised stores opened in Shanghai and Ningbo, and China instantly fell in love with bamboo keyboards and mice. It’s nice to see one of the world’s major polluting countries taking a step towards preserving the environment, however small it may be.

Check more photos of bamboo gadgets (including bamboo LCD) after the jump.








Photos via ImagineChina

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