Bioserie iPhone Case – Designed to Be Environmentally Friendly

Bioserie iPhone Case

There are all kinds of iPhone cases all over the internet, but this one was designed to be environmentally friendly. The Bioserie iPhone case is made from Bioplastic which means that is 100% made of plants, different than other iPhone cases that are made from plastics and petrochemicals.

The Bioserie iPhone case will be available in green, blue, black and a few other colors, and it seems that Bioserie will create other Apple accessories during this year. The Bioserie iPhone Case will be available at the end of this month.

Via geeky-gadgets

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2 Responses to “Bioserie iPhone Case – Designed to Be Environmentally Friendly”

  1. Hey! My friends iPhone is freaking sweet, though the Apple iPad looks so damn sexy so I do not know which is better! What ya think is better?

  2. alexG says:

    You can’t compare the iPhone with the iPad, but if you have to choose one of them, keep your current phone and buy that iPad cuz’ I’ve tested one and I was impressed.