Bushnell Backtrack Shows You The Way Back Home

Bushnell Backtrack

The Bushnell Backtrack combines a digital compass with a high sensitivity SIRF Star III GPS receiver which will help you not to get lost when you are on unknown lands.

The device is very simple to use : it has only two buttons and it is able to store 3 locations. When you hit the button for the first time, it stores the current location of you; after you get lost, press the other button to recall your starting point and the Bushnell Backtrack will show you the distance to it and an arrow that you must follow in order to get back to the safe zone.

The Bushnell Backtrack also features a backlight, it is weather-resistant, it has a self-calibrating compass and it is powered by AAA batteries. You can acquire the Bushnell Backtrack for about $60.

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