ChiliBed Matress Has Built-in Heating and Cooling for All Seasons


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your matress cool on those hot summer nights, or heat-up when there’s a blizzard outside? Well, then the ChiliBed matress is your dream come-true.

Invented by Todd Youngblood, nephew of the man who invented waterbeds, ChiliBed features built in heating and cooling coils that make able to reach any temperatures between 48 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The matress itself is made from 100% soy, so it’s environment friendly.

Mr. Youngblood wants to comercialize his invention in the form of ChiliBeds, but they’re not on the market yet. The matress pads, however, will available come March, for a price ranging from $399 to $649. More on how the heating and cooling part goes, after the jump.

Similar to the semiconductor technology that cools computers, water passes by the chip and the water is cooled or heated. Water flows through the coils in the mattress to actively adjust the temperature of the surface at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning or heating.  No side effects, and most importantly a great night’s sleep

via CrunchGear

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