Custom Steampunk Skullcandy Headphones by DLi$h


As if Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones weren’t cool enough, a modder who calls himself DLi$h decided to give them a steampunk upgrade.

The Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones are designed to deliver ultimate audio performance and you can usually find them around the necks of established DJs. But DLi$h’s custom set would fit better at a rave party in a steampunk universe.

He used acrylic paint to give the headphones that distressed metal effect and hand stitched them himself, using sculpey. For some reason, DLi$h’s steampunk headphones also feature badges and insignias used on US Navy’s F18 Fighter Jets.

If you’re looking bor a professional set of headphones and you’re into steampunk, the Skullcandy SK-Pro by DLi$h are just perfect. And don’t worry about anyone else wearing one, these are one of a kind. Head over to Delicious Drips if you’re ready to drop $279.99 on these babies.



via albotas

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