iRecovery Cellphone Drying Kit Resurrects Your Handheld


Don’t tell me you’ve never dropped a phone in the toilet, or at least spilled something on it, because that’s just impossible. Thanks to iRecovery, that doesn’t have to be an issue anymore.

At first glance, the iRecovery Drying kit look like an ordinary plastic bag, but it can literally bring your precious phone back from watery death. It uses a non-toxic Silica gel that dries electronic devices better and faster than air drying.

Simply remove the cellphone battery, and place both it and the phone inside the iRecovery bag. Just let the Silica gel absorb and trap the moisture, for a few minutes, then you can safely reassemble your iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, and marvel at its miraculous rebirth.

The iRecovery Drying Kit costs $12.99 and needs to be replaced after it it’s used.

via PR Web

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2 Responses to “iRecovery Cellphone Drying Kit Resurrects Your Handheld”

  1. Bill Wright says:

    This does work great, bought one for my iPod that I washed a few months back. I used it and believe it or not, the iPod now works! This is quite amazing and very happy with results, check them out:

  2. AJ says:

    This is a great product! I wish I had found it before my husband had put his phone through the wash. I now keep one on hand in the house in the hopes that I won’t need it. It came in handy after my husband got caught in the rain on his motorcycle with his phone in his pocket. It got wet, but we took the battery out as soon as he got home and put it in the iRecovery. Works as good as new!