Sharp Cordless Phone Comes with Integrated Photo Frame

Sharp-JD-4C1CW -phone

Sharp thought that you might enjoy seeing photos of your loved ones while you’re on the phone, so they’ve come up with a cordless phone that features a built-in digital photo frame.

The Sharp JD-4C1CW cordless phone has a 4.3 inch touchscreen that can be used to dial the desired number, in case you get tired of pressing the handset. It also acts as an alarm clock, status indicator, kitchen clock, and a digital photo frame. The JD-4C1CW only has 64 mb of storage space, and you can store the photos via SD/SDHC/Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro.

Sharp will launch the JD-4C1CW sometime in April, in Japan, for a price of $310. No word yet about an international availability.

Sharp-JD-4C1CW -phone2

via techchee

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