SIMFI – The World’s First WIFI SIM Card


Sagem Orga partnered with Telefonica to create the world’s first SIM card with integrated WIFI, and guess what, they actually pulled it off.

You’re probably having a ‘how did they do it?’ moment right now. Well I can tell you what they did, but not how they did it. According to their press release, the SIMFI can replace ordinary SIM cards, but features an embedded WLAN modem that provides HSPA internet access for any WIFI compatible devices. That means laptops, netbooks, notebooks and whatever else you can think of.

Because it doesn’t USB or PCMCIA modems, SIMFI cards allow users to avoid driver set-ups and complex 3G modems. There was no official word on when the SIMFI WIFI cards will be available, and for what price, but we can  only hope they’ll be released by the end of this year.

via UnwiredView

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