Vodafone Presents World’s Cheapest Phone Ever

vodafone-150-phoneMost mobile companies use the 2010 Mobile World Congress as an opportunity to showcase their latest technological achievements. For Vodafone, it was the perfect place to present the cheapest mobile phone ever.

The Vodafone 150 might look like a handheld brought back from 15 years ago, but for emerging markets like India, Kenya or Ghana it’s a pretty cool gadget. And with a price tag o less than $15, it diesn’t get much better than this.

Vodafone’s cheap device doesn’t seem like much, especially since you can buy cheap mobiles for around $25-$30 in emerging markets, but for some people $10 goes a long way. The Vodafone 150 apparently has a long battery life that offers 5 hours of talk-time and up to 10 days of stand-by, it has a vibrator, can store up to 100 contacts and even features a built-in flashlight. Basically Vodafone took out everything you don’t really need, and only kept the basics.

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