Walton Chaintech SSD Converter Makes SSD Storage Afordable


SSD may still be much too expensive for casual use, but thanks to Walton Chaintech’s SSD converter, you can take two CF cards and use them as a hard-drive.

Solid state drive have proven superior to HDDs in pretty much every aspect, but their price tag has been keeping most people away. That probably won’t change very soon, but thanks to Walton Chaintech and their SSD converter, you can enjoy the groundbreaking technology at a discount price.

Taking advantage of the CompactFlash storage speed and the shape of an SSD, the converter works kind of like this: take two CF cards, stick them into the 2.5″ SSD-shaped device and you’re good to go. It supports SATA II and RAID 0/1 and gives you all the advantages of Flash storage.

Two 128 Gb CompactFlash cards used with the Walton Chaintech SSD converer can make a great 256 Gb SSD that reaches transfer speeds of 55 Mb/second. If you opt for the Waton Chaintech’s very own Apogee CF 606x cards (16/32 Gb) you can witness transfer speeds of up to 93 Mb/s.

via HotHardware

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