Aqua Soundz Brings Sweet Music to Your Pool


Aqua Soundz is an ingenious waterproof speaker that will float in your pool or bathtub and play your favorite tunes,while you soak up.

You know those movies where some dumbass character gets electrocuted by a radio placed right on the side of the bathtub? Well, thanks to Aqua Soundz, you don’t have to risk death by electrocution, anymore. This cool speaker will float right beside you and wirelessly connect to your music player, and broadcast your favorite music.

The transmitter that connects with your player needs 3 AAA batteries and can transmit to the wireless speaker, up to 50 meters away. Aqua Soundz may float but can’t be submerged, so don’t get carried away.

Aqua Soundz is available here, for 59.99 euros.

via RedFerret

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