Bphone Smartphone Runs Linux And NOT Android


Every time I look at these images, I think of anything else but a smartphone. The Bphone is a smartphone made in China which uses Linux as OS and not Windows Mobile or Android, as you probably expected.

The Bphone has an enormous 5″ touchscreen display with 800×480 resolution that should more than enough for your videos and it also has 180-degree flip capability. The smartphone is powered by a Marvell PXA310 CPU, running at 624MHz.

The Bphone features a full QWERTY keyboard and also comes with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. Even if it hasn’t such a stylish design, the Bphone’s strength is represented by its powerful hardware. If you want to have it in your pocket, go to Chinagrabber and order one for $569.

Bphone 2

Via Technabob

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