Chinese Launch Sixty Five Dollar Laptop


Finding a laptop anywhere in the $300-$400 price range is a real achievement, so it’s hard to believe you can have one for only $65.

But the Chinese from Creation Tech have really pulled it off. Their CTEB7G laptop retails for $65, but is far from being among the most competitive machines on the market. It features a 7-inch, 800×600 pixel display, a weak 33 Mhz processor, 128 Mb of RAM and just 2 Gb of flash memory, as storage. The CTEB7G does have WIFI, 3 USB ports and runs Windows CE.

This barebone laptop could be useful if you;re only thinking of using it to run word and occasionally open a web page, but don’t even think it’s capable of running advanced applications like Adobe Photoshop, for example.

It’s safe to say there’s nothing spectacular about this laptop, except for its $65 price tag. Unfortunately, yu won’t find the CTEB7G laptop anywhere outside China.

via PC Launches

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