Cravendale Milk Jug Tells You When Milk Gets Sour


Research has shown over 300,000 tonnes of milk are thrown away each year, i the UK alone. To combat this problem, the guys at Cravendale have invented a magic milk jug.

The issue of thrown-away milk is more serious than it appears, considering it generates tonnes of CO2 emissions, every year. But a simple British invention could make things a lot better for the environment. The Cravendale research team has studied the bacteria that turns milk sour and managed to create a milk jug that detects spoiled milk.

The Cravendale milk jug features a PH sensor, built in its base, that measures PH acidity and displays its condition on a small LED screen. If the milk is drinkable, it will read “Fresh”, if it has gone sour, it will show “Sour”.

via TechChee

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