EA Sports Active 2.0 Keeps You in Shape While Gaming


Video games have been blamed for increasing teen obesity, way too many times, so EA decided to do something about it. It came up with the EA Sports Active 2.0.

Unlike its main competitor, the Wii Fit, EA’s workout video game concentrates more on cardio exercises that actually make you lose weight. Just like the original EA Sports Active, the new version comes with a heart rate monitor, leg and arm straps that feature their own motion sensors.

But like all 2.0 followups, the EA Sports Active 2.0 features some improvements, like an online hub to track and share workout data, and support for the PlayStation 3, iPhone and iPod Touch, not just the Nintendo Wii.

The EA Sports Active 2.0 video game is scheduled to come out this Fall.

via Kotaku

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