GPS Travelogue Tracks Your Globetrotting Journeys


The GPS Travelogue makes good use of GPS technology to track and record everywhere you go on your travels.

Travelogue may look small, but it packs 64 Mb of internal memory, where it literally stores every step you take. The GPS wonder-box records data in real time, and it can be programmed to update position at intervals between 1 second and 59 minutes. Travelogue is able to track up to 260,000 waypoints, including distance, altitude, speed and time.

This travel gadget is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Xp and can upload recorded data to online mapping services like Google Earth. A full charge guarantees up to 30 hours of functionality.

The GPS Travelogue retails at $149.95 and can be acquired from Hammacher.

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