Kingston Releases 256 Gb USB Flash Drive


Larger than most laptop hard-drives, yet considerably smaller than a chocolate bar, the 256 Gb Kingston DT-310 is a great alternatives for those looking for viable ways of carrying large volumes of data.

In 2009, Kingston introduced the world to its first generation of 256 Gb flash drives. Actually, the rest of the world, because the DT-300 was never available in the US. Now, after extensive research that showed architects, designers and engineers were looking for easy ways of transporting large files, Kingston is making things right and releasing the Data Traveler DT-310.

The 256 Gb flash drive comes with a five year warranty and Password Traveler software, for data security. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because I haven’t mentioned the price. the Kingston Data Traveler DT-310 retails for $1,108.

via New York Times

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