Motorola HS1001 – The First Android-powered Home Phone ?

Motorola HS1001

Are you surprised to know that someone is trying to make an important step in the field of home phones, when all eyes are on mobile phones and these revolutionary smartphones these days? Then you should know that Motorola is going to create the first Android-based home phone, the HS1001.

The cordless phone is running under Android v1.6 and features a 2.8-inch touchscreen with virtual keypad. It uses the XpandR chipset that supports both Wi-Fi and DECT 6.0, so you’ll  be able to check your emails via the Wi-fi connection and access a full spectrum of multimedia applications through the DECT 6.0.

The HS1001 also has an integrated speaker on its base, in order to playback tunes while it’s docked. The Motorola HS1001 will hit the shelves in the U.S. in Q3 2010 and it is priced at $150.

Via gizmag

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