Samsung HMX-H205 Promises Clearer Images

Samsung HMX-H205

Samsung has just announced its latest camcorder, the HMX-H205, which promises much clearer images even if it’s used in low light conditions due to its new imaging sensor.

The camcorder uses a new BSI CMOS sensor and has a lens capable of 20x optical zoom. Also the MHX-H205 allows you to shoot  H.264 videos in 1080i at 60 frames per second and playback your film on any screen that supports HDMI.

All of your video can be stored on its 32GB SSD and if you think this is not enough, the camcorder comes with an SDHC memory card slot that allows you to expand the storage memory. Besides the MHX-H205, Samsung has announced three lower end models using the same BSI CMOS imaging sensor : the HMX-H204 (16GB internal memory), the HMX-H203 (8GB internal memory) and the HMX-H200  (only memory card slot).

The MHX-H205 will be available in June but there are no details about its price yet.

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