SanDisk Offers 32GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk 32GB microSDHC

SanDisk has announced their new microSDHC card which will offer you a decent storage of 32GB. SanDisk will be the first to sale 32GB microSDHC card, after Samsung’s similar card, that was announced last year, hasn’t gone on sale yet.

The new microSDHC card has been designed to work with any device that supports this format, such as mobile phones or cameras. Inside the card there are eight memory chips, each holding 4GB of memory. So there are 32GB  at your disposal where you can store around 10 hours of uncompressed HD video.

The  SandDisk 32GB microSDHC card weighs just 0.5 grams and it has a retail price of $200.

Via Wired

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