Sony Unveils The MDR-RF4000K Wireless Headphones

Sony MDR-RF 4000K Headphones

Sony has unveiled a new pair of wireless headphones that is perfect for your home-theater environment. The MDR-RF4000K, as it is called, uses secure digital RF signal, offering a range of up to 30 meters (100 feet).

The headphones have a great and stylish design and feature a 40mm long-stroke diaphragm which will give you a clear sound. The built-in NiMH battery is capable of keeping the headphones “alive” for up to 7 hours on one charge, but you can still switch to AAA battery mode that will offer another 10 hours of runtime.

The Sony MDR-RF 4000K headphones will be available by April 2010 but the price hasn’t been announced yet.

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