Sony’s 3D Glasses Will Have You Break the Piggy Bank


Japanese tech giant, Sony, has announced a slick line of 3D LCD TV’s scheduled to hit retailer shelves in June, and with it, a set of really expensive series of 3D glasses.

After Sony announced the prices of its 3D peripherals, it has become clear the Japanese manufacturer plans to cash in on not just the 3D LCDs, but accessories as well. I hope you’re sitting down, cause these prices might cause faints, and even seizures.

Sony‘s TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 active shutter glasses, will be priced at $133 each, when they hit stores, in June. And a set of four Sony 3D glasses and infrared transmitter, to drive them, will have you fork out a staggering $587.

But it’s not all bad, Sony plans to give away two sets of glasses and the transmitter to anyone who buys its LX900 TV, priced at $3,900. And you thought Sony was greedy, didn’t you?

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