The AT&T Zero Charger Prevents Wastage of Electricity

AT&T ZERO Charger

Since with the financial crisis, i think that nobody wants to pay extra money for electricity due to the wastage of energy. But how can we prevent this cause?

Many of us still leave the their cellphone to charge even when it’s fully charged so the charge will continue drawing power, resulting a serious waste of electricity. The AT&T ZERO Charger seems to solve the problem. Being an ultra green charger, the device will stop drawing electricity once the cellphone’s battery is fully charged. This means that you shouldn’t worry about leaving your charger plugged, as well as for the battery lifespan which will not be affected.

You can use the AT&T ZERO charger with all mobile phones that can be charged via USB cable and you can purchase one in May 2010. The price is still unknown.

Via Techchee

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