The Novothink Solar Surge Case Juices Your iPhone and iPod Touch With Solar Power

Novothink Solar Surge Case

Novothink has unveiled the first charger for iPhones and iPods that is officially certified by Apple. The Solar Surge case uses solar energy to juice your phone’s battery with electricity and it has 4 multi-colored LEDs to show the state of the charge.

But what if the sun’s refuses to show? If this happens, the case won’t work and you will have to come back to the USB cable for standard charging.  When the sun is up again, the solar panels on the back of the case will return to work and give you energy.

The Solar Surge case works with iPhone 3G and 3GS and will retail in November for $79.95. There is also a Solar Surge case compatible with the 2nd generation of iPod touch and it will be available this month for $70.

Novothink Solar Surge Case. 2

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