The Suave Cellphone Watch Looks Like A Regular Dress Watch

Suave CellPhone Watch

Do you want to have your pockets free but still have your mobile phone with you? Or do you have to cheat to pass an exam but you’re afraid of being caught? The Suave Cellphone Watch will do the job.

This wristwatch features a 1.5″ glass LCD touch screen display and some details such as an ultra-flat polymer rechargeable battery and hidden mini USB port were designed so that the watch to keep the dimensions of a regular dress watch.

The Suave Watch has a stainless steel construction, pearl inlaid rectangular face and a leather strap.  The cellphone in it features fully unlocked Quad-band GSM frequency so you’ll be able to use it anywhere at anytime.  It also has a 2GB microSD card where you can store your favourite music and video in jpgs, avi, wav and mp3 formats.

The Suave Cellphone Watch can be acquired from Chinavasion for 150.86 €

Suave CellPhone Watch 3

Suave CellPhone Watch 2

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