Apple’s iPad Production Price Is Twice Lower Than The Selling Price

iPad teardown

Have you ever wondered how much actually does it cost to build an iPad?

Well, we know that a mid price Apple iPad retails for $599 and that a high-end 64 GB Apple tablet goes for $699. But what we didn’t know is that the mid price 32GB iPad contains components that cost $289, while the $699 version has components that cost $348.

Look at the numbers for each component part of the iPad after the jump

~$95 touchscreen display (multitouch is pricey)
~ $26.80 processor built by Samsung
~$29.50 16GB memory; $59 32GB memory; $118 64GB memory
~$10.50 aluminum back

If you do the math you’ll see that the 16GB model has a production cost of $259.60, the 32GB model is built with $289.10 and the 64GB version comes to a total of $348.10.

Via Gizmodo

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