COOL GTW18 Smartphone with Built-in Video Projector


COOL, a tech company from China, who specializes in making Apple iPhone replicas, has launched a new smartphone, with an integrated video projector.

This phone should be packing some mean features, to live up to its COOL name, but apparently to the guys at m8cool, the GTW18 isn’t impressive at all. It comes with a 3.2 inch 240×400 resolution touchscreen, and a MP4 video projector that supposedly works in 1080p mode. Only, when it was tested, the projector couldn’t manage resolutions higher than 640×480. Though the inscription clearly says 1080p, I think they meant VGA, at best.

The COOL GTW18‘s projector can only be used in dark room, and even then, the projection is not much larger than the phone’s screen and it’s totally unimpressive. If you’re looking for a projector smartphone, I’d go with the Samsung Beam, instead.

Apart from its crappy projector, the COOL GTW18 comes with WI-FI connectivity, a no-name web browser, and analog TV station streaming capabilities. But you;ll probably get only static with that thing.

With such an unimpressive lineup of features, the COOL GTW is not cool at all, and hardly deserving of its cheap $140 price.



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