Drawdio Turns Everything into Music

drawdioWhat if you could turn anything you touch, into music. With a little gizmo, called Drawdio, now you can, sort of.

Invented using a hacksawed “harmonium” kit, the Drawdio is one of those wonderful gadgets that no one really needs, but everybody loves. Basically, using this ingenious device, you can turn anything and anyone into an 8-bit musical instrument.

While Drawdio works with anything, its inventor thinks it best suits a graphite pencil. This combo allows anyone to draw a line, a circle, or even a musical instrument, and then play it using their fingers. The best thing about Drawdio is that it’s for sale, at just $17.55. Now this is worth at least that, for the chance to literally play someone like a fiddle.

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One Response to “Drawdio Turns Everything into Music”

  1. Jay Silver says:

    Hi. I (the inventor) actually think Drawdio is best used with whatever is at hand. If I had to choose one medium I liked best it would be water, perhaps in a paintbrush form factor or through “finger painting” with water paints. But I do like graphite.


    Thanks for blogging.