Kisai Broke WristWatch Makes Telling Time Even Harder


In a world where technology keeps making even the most trivial action easier, TokyoFlash stands against the current, and tries to make the simplest things harder.

The newest addition to the wacky series of wristwatches, made by the Japanese manufacturer, is Kisai Broke.  Featuring a brushed stainless steel case, and a colorful display, this unique timepiece promises to make telling time, a breeze. But that’s a TokyoFlash breeze, because for the rest of us, Kisai Broke is even harder to figure out, than previous TokyoFlash wristwatches.


All you have to do is touch the side button of the watch, to see a shattering animation,on the display. The outer ring of blocks represents the hours, in the same positions as on regular wristwatches, but the rest of the block are a lot tougher to figure out. The inner ring shows five minute intervals,while the center blocks, of the animation, are four minute intervals. Confusing, isn’t it? Well, let me put it this way, if you’ve never been good with numbers, you might want to stay well away from Kisai Broke.

TokyoFlash’s colorful wristwatch features a USB port, so you can charge it anytime,m anywhere, though charging your watch seems a little strange. To conserve energy, you can turn off the option that makes Kisai Broke light up, every 15 minutes.

Kisai Broke is available at TokyoFlash, for $168.

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