MATO Soccer Ball Doubles as a Phone


You didn’t think the Chinese would miss the opportunity to cash in on an event, like the Soccer World Cup, did you? The MATO Soccer Ball is a mobile phone (you guessed it) shaped like a soccer ball.

MATO is just another unimpressive Chinese mobile device that hopes to catch the eyes of soccer fans, with its ridiculous design. Shaped like a miniature soccer ball, MATO is perfect, if you need a ball for a game of finger soccer. Its features are just as modest as its design, and include a 1.3 inch display, microSD card, 1 Gb of integrated memory, camera and microphone.

The MATO Soccer Ball costs $80. A bit much for a gadget you’ll most likely throw away, after the soccer fever wears off. More photos of MATO, after the jump.



via JournalduGeek

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