Microsoft Confirms 64 Gb Zune HD


After its brief appearance on the Zune website, on Wednesday, the release of the 64 Gb Zune HD has become a certainty.

A few months after Apple released their 64 Gb iPod Touch, Microsoft counters with their very own 64 Gb version of the Zune HD. Scheduled for release on April 12th, the new Zune HD will retail at $350 and, with its increased storage capacity, it will be able to accommodate 16,000 of your favorite tunes, and play 20 minutes of 720p video.

With the release of the 64 Gb Zune HD, Microsoft is also slashing prices on previous versions of its media player: the 16 Gb Zune will retail at $200, while the 32 Gb version will sell for $270.

via Electronista

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