Portable EKG Device Monitors Your Heart Rythm Everywhere You Go


With all the fast food we’re eating and exercise we’re NOT doing, our hearts just aren’t what they used to be. This portable EKG monitor lets you know if yours is still beating.

But seriously now, there are people out there suffering from severe heart disorders that can’t always go to the hospital, for an EKG. The good news is, now, they don’t have to. Using a quartet of integrated sensors, the portable EKG monitor provides instant heart rate readings.

All you have to do is hold the monitor with one hand and press it against the palm of your other hand. This useful machine is powered by two AAA batteries that will keep it juiced up for about 400 heart readings. It even allows you to upload the data to your PC, via USB cable.

The portable EKG monitor is only $199.95, at Hammacher.

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