Power Pyramid Supreme Is the Ultimate Controller Charging Device


Charging your controllers is a simple enough task, but if you had the chance, wouldn’t you want to do it in style? With the Power Pyramid Supreme, from Konnet, now you can.

If you only have one console, either a PlayStation3 or an Xbox 360, storing and charging controllers isn’t too much of a hassle, but if you’re lucky enough to own both, you need something like the Konnet Power Pyramid Supreme. This awesome gadget acts as a charger and holder for your controllers, when you’re not busy mashing their buttons.

Even without the charging function, the Power Pyramid Supreme is so worth the $55 price tag, if only for its awesome design. It fits two PS3 controllers and two Xbox 360 controllers, all at once. You can also get a simple Power Pyramid (no Supreme) for either the PlayStation3 or Xbox 360, for just $50.


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