Samsung’s 3D LED 9000 Series Arrives Next Month


Many of us have been crossing our fingers that Samsung launch its new line of 3D LED TVs, as soon as possible, and they’re finally here.

That’s right folks, the new Samsung 3D LED 9000 is scheduled to his the stores sometime next month. This electronic masterpiece was announced a while back, and the specs were indeed impressive. The 9000 Series LED TV comes with a built-in 3D processor, WI-FI, 240 Hz refresh rate, USB 2.0, DLNA, Samsung applications, and a whole lot of other features.

The most impressive thing about Samsung 9000 series 3D LED TV, without having seen it in action, is its slim design, but that’s not nearly enough to justify the $8,970 price tag. I tell you, this thing better sweep me up my feet, if I’m going to dig that far down my pockets.

Check some more photos of the Samsung 9000 LED TV, after the jump.



via NewLaunches

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