Sleek Audio’s Carbonfibre Headphones Will Last a Lifetime


If you’re one of those people who quicly gets sick of the same pair of headphones, Sleek Audio’s SA7 aluminum and carbonfibre headphones are not for you.

Sleek Audio has announced it will be launching a special line of headphones, made with military grade aluminum and carbon fibre. The two drives are protected by shock-absorbant silicone that should protect them from just about anyrhing. According to the manufacturer, the SA7  can withstand up to 14,000 Gs.

Apart from the fact that you’ll probably never need another pair of headphones, ever again, thanks to the use of aluminum, Sleek Audio SA7 offer an extra octave of sound. But owning a pair of indestructable headphones doesn’t come cheap. The SA7 aren’t on sale, yet, but they’ll soon hit the market, with a pricetag of between $350-$400. And you’ll have to fork out an extra Benjamin for the wireless version.

via PopSci

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