The Asus ROG MATRIX 5870 Means Everything A Gamer Wants

Asus ROG MATRIX 5870

The Asus ROG MATRIX 5870 is the graphic card that all gamers want to assemble to their gaming machines. The new Asus MATRIX 5870 has been designed with only one purpose, to offer high-end gaming experience.

It features 2GB of GDDR5 RAM running at 4.8GHz.  The power system can be seriously overclocked. The video chip can also be overclocked from 850 MHz to 894MHz. The cooling system reduces the temperature by 13 degrees Celsius in comparison with the standard cooling system from the HD 5870.

Also, the graphic card includes Super Hybrid Engine function which will automatically overclock the card where needed, up to 19 percent in 3D games and up to 50 percent when working with 2D graphics accelerator. There are no details about the price yet, but be sure you’ll have to empty your piggy bank for this beauty.

Via Fareastgizmos

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