Usain Bolt Signature iPod Touch Is Covered in Gold


The fastest man on Earth, and one of the greatest athletes in history, Usain Bolt is honored by Goldgenie, with his very own iPod Touch, covered in 24 carat gold.

Now you know you’ve done something right with your life, when you see your name and signature on a golden iPod. Usain Bolt is the latest sports celebrity to have a limited edition iPod launched in his name, but Goldgenie has done it before. Las year, it was Chelsea’s Frank Lampard who gor honored, in the same fashion.

Goldgenie’s third generation iPod Touch comes with an 8 Gb hard drive and a lifetime guarantee against scratching or fading. If you’re a big Usain Bolt fan, and just happen to have $555 lying around, you’d better move fast, as only 500 of these babies were produced.

via BornRich

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