Hitachi Announced 42-inch HDTV With Built-In 320GB HDD

Hitachi L42-XP05

Hitachi’s latest product is a 42-inch LED HDTV and features a full HD resolution of 1.920 × 1.080 pixels.

Called the L42-XP05, the TV uses image recognition processing and the “Picture Master FULL HD2″ technology in order to adjust the brightness correctly for every scene and power consumption.

Also, the device comes with a built-in 320GB hard disk for recordings and it features an iVDR-S slot which will allow you to record to external media. An interesting feature is that you’ll be able to watch any channel you want while recording other two different channels at the same time.

Hitachi’s latest TV set also features color limiter, three dimensional digital color management, dynamic contrast and other, as well as a wide range of input and output ports such as HDMI, D4, monitor output, 3 composite inputs and 3 analog audio inputs and more.

The Hitachi L42-XP05 will go on sale in June this year and it will have a selling price of $2.700

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